Frequently asked questions

Artpacks 2GO!

What if I change my mind?

If your oirder is dtill being processed, we will do our best to accommodated any changes you may have. Once the order has been shipped we are unable to offer a refund or exchange.

How do I know how to use the Artpack 2GO?

Each Artpack 2GO! comes with a Creative Guide which provides information on how to use the materials, activities to guide you through the skill and ideas for inspirations. The Creative Guides range between 12 and 20 pages and vary in how much direction is provided based on the skills involved. It's about guiding you through a skills so you get the idea but can do your own thing as well.

I got something different in my Artpack 2GO?

At times we are unable to offer the exact product in the Artpack 2 GO. This could be becasue of stock not being available or we find a better product for you. Each time we substitute we will substitute with an items of similar or better quality which serves the same purpose as the original item. Purchase of an Artpack 2GO to acknowledging that items may be changed or substituted without notice.

Creative Kids Vouchers

Is the Creative Kids Voucher in all states?

Each state has their own version of the Creative Kids Voucher. It may have a different name and different rules applying to it. The voucher system we are providers for are NSW Creative Kids through Service NSW

How do I get a NSW Creative Kids Voucher?

You can apply through Service NSW for a Creative Kids Voucher for each child between the ages of 4.5 and 18 years of age. The voucher is for use by the child named on the voucher, for participation in creative activities or for the purchase of our Artpacks 2GO! More information about the requirements governing the use of the NSW Creative Kids Voucher can be found at Service NSW.

Is postage included?

Postage is refunded on orders over $600. Under this you will be charged a set postage fee. From time to time, we run promotional offers which offer reduced or free postage.

What if I dont use up all my voucher can I use it another time?

Creative Kids Vouchers must be used in their entirety in one transaction. Any unused portions may be forfeited. Vouchers can not be refunded, cancelled or given as cash. We can offer additional items for your artpacks to fulfil your order and use your credit.

Can I use the Creative Kids Voucher to pay postage?

Simply, No. The guidelines governing the Creative Kids Voucher is that it is for the purchase of Art Materials and workshops which enhance creative opportunities for your child. Postage is additional. You will be invoiced the postage costs or offered free postage at the time of placing your order.

How many vouchers do I get a year?

Each calendar year the NSW Government offers each child between the ages of 4.5 and 18 years, one Creative Kids Voucher.

If I have more than one child can I make one order?

Yes definately. As long as they are all for your children and going to the same address. You can save on postage by placing one order as well as utilise the full credit of your vouchers. Just add the details for each child against a product. That is Child's name, Date of Birth and voucher number.

I want to use my Creative Kids vouchers for Artpacks 2 GO! What do I do?

Great choice! Just add your items to your cart to the value of all you vouchers.

1.. When you add each product to your cart, add for each child/voucher,
Child's full name as it appears on the voucher
Child's Date of Birth
Voucher number

3.. Use a promotional code for postage if there is one available code. 4.. Pay your postage and complete your order

5. If you have spent over your voucher crdit amount you will be invoiced separately for the difference. eg You place an order for $250 and redeem one Creative Kids Voucher for $100. You will be invoiced $150 for the difference between your credit and the full cost of your order. 6. If your order is missing details and cannot be filled. it may be cancelled without notice.

I put my voucher number in at the checkout and it said it was invalid.

Woops! If there is a error in the voucher number or the date of birth, your voucher will be rejected when it is submitted for payment. We will contact you to sort this out. If we don't hear from you within 3 days, your order will be cancelled. Unfortunately we can't hold orders or stock.

My invoice is saying I owe money but I put in a voucher

If you have spent over your credit limit, you will receive an invoice for the balance.

Just add your details in the section at checkout.
We get to work doing the paperwork so you can get awesome art supplies for your kids. When you enter your voucher, we submit it for payment from Service NSW. Once it's paid, your order will be dispatched. From the placing of the order to the dispatch form our warehouse generally takes 10 days.

My order was more than the credit of my vouchers. How do I pay the difference?

Once you place your order , we will send a request for payment for only the amount over the credit you have. Your invoice will show the full amount but that's because we are waiting on the payment by Service NSW for your vouchers. You can pay the request for the difference using Paypal or credit card or you can wait until your order is ready to send. Most people choose to pay immediately and get it out of the way. That way there is no delay in shipping their order.

I accidentially paid the full amount instead of using the code VOUCHER2020 payment.

No worries, hop online and send us a message. We can refund the payment back to the account form which you paid.

Can I use my ACTIVE Kids vouchers?

No sorry. Although Art can get pretty physical at times, you need to save your Active kids vouchers for sporting activities. We DO accept Creative Kids Vouchers.

How long does it take for my Creative Kids Voucher to be processed?

It's a little different to a cash transaction in that you are asking the government to pay on your voucher. Once we get your voucher, we submit your details through ServiceNSW and have an immediate response to it's validity. You will receive a notice saying your voucher has been submitted for processing. Until such time as your voucher is paid, the credit is pending and your order cannot be shipped. It is currently taking up to 10 for Service NSW to make this payment.

I want to combine my orders to save shipping

Unfortunately we can't combine your orders for you. What we can do is cancel your orders so that you can place ONE order.
All orders will be billed a flat shipping fee of $15

1 order = 1 shipping fee of $15

Are the Artpacks free?

The artpacks have a sale price. This price is set and is in AUD. How you pay for this will depend on your circumstances. You can pay using Paypal or credit card or you can redeem a NSW Creative Kids Voucher. If you choose to pay using your Creative Kids Voucher, you provide your voucher details and this is applied as a credit agains t your purchase . if you have purchased more than the credit you have available, you wilI be invoiced the difference and you order placed on hold until all the order is paid for.


How long until I get my order?

In the current Pandaemic, delivery times have been extended by Australia Post and the courier. We are unable to give a definate delivery date. What we do is enter your details so that you can track your item and receive updates of it's progress. If you are using a voucher to pay for your order, the process can take upto 10 days until your order is dispatched from our warehouse


Is Creative Kids Australia Covid Safe?

Yes! We take Health and Safety seriously. We are a registered business and have a Covid Safe plan for all aspects of our business.