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CKA: Art Zones in Your space.

Bring Creativity into your afterschool activities with a CKA Art Zone.

By hosting a CKA Art Zone at your school, you guarantee that kids are getting creative opportunities in a safe and familiar location. And being after school, its easier for parents as well.

An opportunity

Hosting a CKA Art Zone is a great way to ensure your kids are getting opportunities to eplore their creativity with the convenience of no transfers.

What you need

You provide the space and we'll do the rest.

A CKA Creative Team member will organise and run the Art Zone workshops. All materials are provided. All we need from the Host is a safe, sheltered place and running water. Simple.

We can help.

Whether your a parent , a member of the P&C or a teacher at the school, drop us a line and we can help you work through the process .

Art Fun
Which Art Zone will you choose?


is now as important in education as literacy"

Sir Ken Robinson